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Regulatory reporting software

Streamline your regulatory reporting, gain real-time insights and bolster decision-making with the advanced reporting capabilities of Objective RegWorks. Designed specifically for government regulators, Objective RegWorks will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently create advanced reports so that you can minimise time spent on administration and maximise your regulatory impact.

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An all-in-one regulatory reporting platform

Objective RegWorks redefines the landscape of regulatory reporting. Our software equips government regulators with advanced tools to enhance reporting capabilities, streamline analytics, and support real-time KPIs for operational management.

Unlock the potential of your data with our regulatory reporting software. Its powerful reporting features will enable you to respond to complex analytics queries swiftly, ensuring urgent reports are generated without delay.

Automate your reports & focus more on regulation

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Automate your reports & focus more on regulation

Streamlined reporting for a range of purposes

Our system’s meticulous record-keeping bolsters your ability to report with precision and conduct thorough audits for a range of different purposes, whether conducting investigations, inspections, enforcement actions and more. RegWorks includes Reporting Centre, a data layer that empowers you with easy access to all your operational data.

Eliminate guesswork

Objective RegWorks advanced reporting capabilities gain entry to a wealth of detailed records, encompassing historical data and giving you a full view of history.

Designed for a range of industries

Objective RegWorks’ regulatory reporting software is designed to meet the needs of a range of different industries. From conservation and environment to road and rail, no matter which industry your agency regulates, our reporting software is configured to meet your specific needs.

A more reliable way of reporting

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A more reliable way of reporting

Real-time & collaborative

Report and share data in real-time and under a single source of truth, making it easy for your entire team to understand and collaborate.

Create reports quickly

Create insightful reports through seamless integration with 3rd party BI/Analytics applications. This allows for the rapid creation of ad-hoc reports, letting you derive insight, discover trends, share crucial data quickly and reliably.

Reporting with clarity

Demystify data with comprehensive dashboards and customisable reports. Gain a panoramic view of entities and their compliance history, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Objective RegWorks is a user-friendly system that’s introduced greater flexibility to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

What is regulatory reporting software?

Objective RegWorks’ Regulatory Reporting Software is a comprehensive solution that supports the complex process of regulation for government agencies. It automates data collection, analysis, and report generation, enabling government regulatory bodies to efficiently meet their statutory reporting obligations.

How can a regulatory reporting platform benefit my agency?

A regulatory reporting platform can benefit your agency by equipping you with innovative reporting software that will streamline your reporting efforts, enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve your overall ability to enforce compliance. By automating data collection, enabling data governance, and reporting processes, agencies can focus on analysis and enforcement rather than administrative tasks. Additionally, software often includes features like audit trails and compliance checks that help maintain high standards of accountability and transparency.

Can regulatory reporting software improve collaboration?

Yes it can. We provide a single application for all your teams to use, with information all in one place. Your team(s) can share and view data in real-time, making it extremely easy to collaborate efficiently. 

How does your software ensure data security?

Our software is built with top-tier security features that comply with government standards. Data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits are part of our commitment to protecting sensitive information.

Is Objective RegWorks able to process large reports with excessively high levels of data?

Of course. Our software enables integration with data warehouse and data lake solutions that are designed to process extremely large reports and datasets.

Can your reporting software be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, our reporting software, as well as the wider Objective RegWorks product, can be integrated with existing core systems using modern APIs such as RESTful and OData that facilitate interoperability. RegWorks ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow with your existing set-up.

Will I be given training on how to use the platform?

Yes, you will be given full training on how to use RegWorks for regulatory reporting and everything else that it can be used for. We also offer support throughout the entire time that you use RegWorks, so if you have any specific questions or need assistance post-onboarding, we are available to help through our support services.

Are reports configurable to fit my needs?

Yes, reports are highly customisable. We understand that each regulator has unique requirements and that legislation changes often. We will work with you to produce a tailored solution that is flexible and can be maintained by you.

How can I get started with Objective RegWorks regulatory reporting platform?

If you are interested and want to use Objective RegWorks for regulatory reporting, you can contact us and make an enquiry. We will be able to give you more information, answer any questions that you might have, and give a full demo of the Objective RegWorks product. Objective RegWorks is an all-in-one regulation solution and offers so much more than just reporting software. We can help your government agency with its regulatory needs.

Objective Regworks H white

Regulatory reporting software

Streamline your regulatory reporting, gain real-time insights and bolster decision-making with the advanced reporting capabilities of Objective RegWorks.

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