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Respond to information access requests faster

Locate, collaborate, protect and release information, while applying better governance to your processes.

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Reduce time spent on administration. Release information to the public on time.

The release of information requires a coordinated effort by individuals and teams within and across agencies and third party organisations. Responses have to be timely and must balance rights of access with the need to protect sensitive content.

Designed to support specialist staff and teams to navigate these complex requirements, Objective OpenGov helps you rapidly respond to information access requests. Workflow automation reduces time spent on administration, and increases the number of responses you're able to process.

Intelligent workflow

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Intelligent workflow

Support better decisions by automating the processes relating to information access requests.

Automate processes
Workflows support process owners to assign, track and dispatch information access requests according to timelines.

Make governance a benefit not a burden
Provide participants with check lists and instructions of what is required of them as well as informing them on the legislative requirements.

Automatic notifications keep processes moving
Set respond dates and other key dates for each stage of the process.
Actionable emails and automated notifications ensure the response is released to the applicant on time.

Protect sensitive content

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Protect sensitive content

Irreversibly remove sensitive information from any electronic document.

Bulk redaction
Queue multiple documents for redaction, apply the same targeted key words, phrases or recurring expressions to review and irreversibly redact across all relevant documents.

Exemption codes
Pre-defined exemption codes can be applied to documents at the click of a button. Reports of these are generated once finalised.

Share files securely
Share files directly from your information repository with your external partner network, and with the applicant.

Greater governance

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Greater governance

Coordinate contributors to a response from across the organisation, even invite external parties to participate.

Single source of truth for each information access request
Empower internal and external participants to collaborate confidently while ensuring information governance is always adhered to.

Reduce information security risks
Access to business process workflows, tasks and related documents are controlled, monitored, tracked and audited assuring that only authorised users have access to sensitive documents and content.

Process governance
Link information governance and process automation to improve the efficiency of your business process. Apply governance policies throughout the process to ensure content is accurate, current and secure.

Intuitive user experience

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Intuitive user experience

Produce results quickly and reduce the time spent moving between multiple systems or learning to use new tools.

Actionable emails support users to get work done
Use our actionable email templates to deliver tasks in a content-rich HTML email. Users receive an email that contains all the relevant information they require to action a task.

Intuitive task forms trigger process initiation and progress
Comprehensive task forms trigger users to initiate or participate in processes. Pre-Configured task forms contain instructions, checklists, information and actions, guiding users at each step.

Seamless integration
Tight integration with your information repository ensures a single source of truth, while the workflow provides a frictionless and consistent user experience throughout the entire process.

Packed with features to help teams manage process and release information.

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Dynamic case management

Increase flexibility by enabling effortless movement between business processes.

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Date calculation

Objective OpenGov automatically sets the date the response is due to the applicant based on legislation.

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An automated acknowledgement email can be sent to the applicant once the request has been validated.

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Automated redaction

Find and automatically redact virtually any type of information such as: names, email addresses, phrases and more.

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Classify each request

Classify each request to gain insights into how and what the community is requesting.

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Control, monitor, track and audit through an intuitive dashboards.

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Actionable emails

Business users receive an email containing all relevant information they require to action a task.

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Exception management

Options for cases where exceptions are necessary to keep a process on track while everything is monitored, security controlled and audited.

Open government is the simple but powerful idea that governments and institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable.

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OBJ Industry Solutions Open Gov White

Respond to information access requests faster

Locate, collaborate, protect and release information, while applying better governance to your processes.

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