Secure file sharing for government and regulated industries.

No matter how hard you worked on your internal information governance framework and Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS), you lose control of your files every time sometimes clicks send or share. Objective Connect lets you assign file preview, edit and share rights to everyone you want and no one you don’t, maintain one synchronised version of the truth and records who did what and when.

Secure file sharing for Sensitive, Privileged and Protected data.

Security isn’t about claims. It’s about proof. Objective Connect is the purpose-built file-sharing solution for government and regulated industries. It’s securely hosted in multiple Australian AWS zones, independently IRAP assessed for Protected Data and compliant with the Australian Cyber Security Centre Information Security Manual. It’s file-sharing security is recognised with ISO9001; 27001 certifications and extends you the same protection enjoyed by defence bodies and whole-of-government agreements.

Secure file sharing across teams, between organisations and across the world.

Enjoy best-practise security when sharing files from within your EDRMS when collaborating with stakeholders outside your four walls. Objective Connect is complaint with peak global standards including European GDPR privacy legislation, the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, NZ ISM and Government Chief Digital Officer standards and UK Digital Security Manual Standards of the National Cyber Security Centre.

There was no other option. We wanted something that would integrate into [Content Manager] HP TRIM, gave us the full audit trails and that was IRAP assessed. Objective Connect was the only product that hit all of those marks

Peter O'Halloran

Executive Director and CIO, National Blood Authority

What if the app that protects your information actually made it easier to collaborate outside your four walls than ever before? Take back control of the way your team connects with anyone, anywhere with Objective Connect.