Need access to documents that have failed to scan?

You are now enabled to make the decision to download.

Picture this: You have a crucial meeting, and you urgently need vital data. But there is a problem – a document failed scanning, and you cannot download it, even though it is from a trusted source. Frustrating, right?

No worries. In our latest Objective Connect update, as a participant with download permission, you can now download these previously inaccessible files. Workspace owners will be notified via email when a document fails scanning.

Why does Objective Connect scan documents?

Objective Connect scans all new documents, and new document versions, up to 2GB in size to make sure they are safe. Where the scan is successful, the document is added to Objective Connect.

Where Objective Connect fails to scan a document, which can occur for a range of reasons, then the document is assigned a status of “Unable to Scan Document”.

Empowering users to decide

Currently, documents with the status of “Unable to Scan Document” cannot be downloaded. But your feedback was that users wanted faster access to documents. So we’ve enabled users to decide whether they trust the source. They’ll get a warning that Objective Connect was unable to scan the document, but they can then elect to download it anyway.

Access critical documents when you need them

The option to download documents, even if they couldn't be scanned, is now available to workspace participants assigned with the Download ability. This change ensures critical documents and files can be quickly accessed when required.

How it works

  • When the download option is selected, users are presented with a warning to highlight the need to consider the safety and source of the document before electing to proceed.
  • Workspace owners will receive an email notification of documents that fail to scan.
  • Documents that fail to scan will not sync across to Objective ECM or Micro Focus Content Manager.
  • The following remain unchanged by this release:
    • Where a virus is detected by the scan the document cannot be downloaded.
    • Large documents (file size between 2GB and 25GB) are not scanned.
    • Document preview is not available for documents that fail to scan. 

Learn more

For more information on this release, visit the Objective Connect Help Centre.