Living the Objective Values

Objective recently held our annual employee conference, Activate, and honoured how our teams bring our six core values to life

Recently, Objective held its annual employee conference, Activate. The event brought the team together virtually from around the globe to participate in masterclasses and learnings from across the lines of business.

One of the most important programmes on the itinerary are the Obie Awards, held on the final night of Activate. The awards celebrate the wonderful humans on the Objective team and how they bring the company values to light. In addition to loyalty and commitment awards - some employees have been with Objective for 30 years! - and leadership awards, we also take the opportunity to recognise those who are living our core values.

The 6 Values that define us, drive us and inspire us

The amount of nominees for each of these awards was overwhelming in every category! The deciding panel definitely had their work cut out for them! This level of recognition is so important to see in a company of over 400 staff globally and shows how the efforts of employees do not go unrecognised. Awards were given in the following categories according to our values:

Applying Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • We take informed risks
  • We don’t let structure or process get in the way

Behaving with Integrity:

  • We respect each other
  • We do as we say
  • We do the right thing

Championing Great People and Great Teams

  • We are passionate about working with great people
  • We empower our people to make a difference
  • We believe that individuals can be brilliant, but it’s teamwork that delivers amazing results

Demonstrating Expertise

  • We are experts, thought leaders and trusted advisers
  • We leverage our experience and expertise
  • We openly share our knowledge

Fostering Tenacity

  • We believe there is always a solution
  • We relentlessly strive for outcomes

Results Matter

  • We are passionate about our customers’ success
  • We do what it takes to deliver the outcomes
  • We measure results and celebrate success

Congratulations to our 2021 winners. View them here:

Learn more about life at Objective or visit our blog. If you share these values, check out our open roles.