New Feature Alert! Objective Alpha - Changes to Amendments Processing

Learn about the changes that will improve the way you manage and process amendments in Objective Alpha

This month we’ve released some major changes in Objective Alpha that improve the way you manage and process amendments in the system. We’ve summarised these changes below for you, but if you’d like to see a full overview of the changes you can access the user documentation here, or you can watch our on-demand feature release webinar here.

Multiple amendments can be processed concurrently

Applications can now have multiple amendments processed at the same time, totally separate from each other. There’s no need to process them sequentially, or one at a time. Previously, amendments that were active at the same time were bundled together, causing issues with time clocks and Form 5s. Where these new changes are enabled, amendments will remain separate from each other. These changes are available on both new and existing amendment applications!

Each amendment application has its own time clock

All amendment applications now have individual time clocks, even when there are multiple amendments. By enabling the new features, you’ll be able to see a clock for each amendment application, and amendments that are withdrawn or refused won’t disappear.

RFIs & Form 5s are specific to an amendment

Instead of amendments sharing RFIs or Form 5s, these are now split and specific to a particular amendment. You’ll be able to process each amendment application and easily see the associated RFIs & Forms 5s. These will also stop or start the time clock for the specific amendment they relate to.

Amendments can have a decision to grant and be Granted & Issued in any order.

We’ve made some minor changes to the way this functionality works. Decision to Grant, and Grant & Issue can now occur in any order when you have multiple amendments. No more having to wait for another amendment to be completed before making a Decision to Grant. You’ll also be able to see the details of withdrawn and refused amendments if you choose to enable this setting. Please note these fields will only show once the amendment is granted.

For more information on these new settings, you can check out the API settings section here. Or if you have any questions or feedback for us, you can get in touch with us via support.

We’re excited to have these changes live for you to use now and are looking forward to a feature-filled 2021!