Reduce Risk and Strengthen Identity Protection

Leverage existing organisation accounts, systems and policies

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available within Objective Keystone. Objective Keystone’s SSO allows users to seamlessly access Objective Keystone using your corporate network login. Users can access Objective Keystone without having to separately log into the Objective Keystone system.

Benefits of Objective Keystone’s SSO Feature:

  • Strengthens identity protection
  • Simplifies username and password management
  • Reduce time spent re-entering passwords
  • Reduces password fatigue
  • Decreases IT overhead

In order to roll out this authentication feature you must use an identity provider that support SAML2 (e.g. Microsoft ADFS)

How to get started:

  • Work with your IT team to determine authentication standard
  • When ready, reach out to the Objective Keystone team via the form