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Enable 10GB file uploads within any Workgroup.

Same Protection. Extended Reach.

Does it ever seem like things are getting faster, bigger and more complex? Every day, more users use more applications to capture more data in their quest for more insights and better processes. More 3D. More detail. More video and multimedia. To protect an even bigger range of files, formats and applications, Objective Connect will now support up to 10GB file uploads for Enterprise subscriptions. Once implemented, this will be available to all Workspace Owners and Participants with Add Document or Edit + Delete functionality.


  • Feature can be enabled by Administrators from Enterprise subscriptions of Objective Connect
  • Up to 10GB File Uploads are available within the Objective Connect browser
  • Any uploads greater than 2GB will not be scanned by our Anti-Virus service
  • At this point, successful uploads over 2GB will remain in Workspace and accessible to all users (with Download ability)but will not sync down to integrated systems (Connect Link)

How to get started

Before you begin uploading files that are greater than 2GB you must first enable feature within your Workgroups.
To enable 10GB File uploads, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Enterprise" panel 
  • Select the Workgroup you would like the feature enabled 
  • Open "Workgroup Options" 
  • Select "Enable large file uploads (10GB)" option
  • Select "Update"      

To learn more and see 10GB File Uploads in action, watch the  "What's New - featuring Title Search and 10GB File Uploads" webinar recording.

Updating the system to be able to send files up to 10GB will ensure our project teams can transfer large documents with contractors with ease.

Rebecca McCarthy

Major Projects Canberra | ACT Government