A seamless transition to a digital building consent process with GoGet

GoGet has transformed Waitaki District Council’s building consent application process by providing a user-friendly digital solution

The building consent process at the Waitaki District Council prior to GoGet was paper-based and involved spreadsheets that included basic questions. The process was incomplete, and there was a risk of missing important information during the processing of consents.

GoGet ticked all of the boxes for the council and overnight, their world changed. The user-friendly nature of the software enabled full adaptability by all employees. From customisation to greater transparency, the council was able to improve the speed and accuracy of the consenting process.

“It’s a lot more transparent. With GoGet, they can create collaborators for each consent which means applicants, owners, builders, designers can all look at the process, and the documentation is created,“ said Matthew Haywood, Building Control Officer at Waitaki District Council.

GoGet has positively impacted our community in quite a massive way here in North Otago. The community took it onboard really well and it just flowed seamlessly.

Josh Dooley

Acting team Leader, Building and Services, Waitaki District Council