Managing information and improving productivity for more than 50,000 users

Faced with the inefficiencies of multiple disparate information and records management systems, along with rapidly increasing volumes of electronic information, the Australian Defence Organisation embarked on the largest electronic document and records management implementation in Australia.

The controlled management of information assets is vital to ensure its effectiveness, to improve efficiencies and enhance productivity for over 50,000 users.

The Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) is a geographically dispersed operation comprising of the Navy, Army, Air Force, research, administration and logistics groups, totalling 70,000 employees. Together these groups work to a common goal - to defend Australia.

Due to the high profile and potentially high consequences of the ADO's operations, effective decision-making is crucial to achieving its goals. The need for timely access to complete and accurate information together with accountable and legislatively compliant information management is all-pervasive. As with all organisations, increasing volumes of electronic information challenges its ability to provide a complete view of essential knowledge for sound decision-making.

In a competitive tender process, the ADO selected an enterprise-wide, intuitive and scalable solution from Objective Corporation as its corporate standard.

Objective met its broad technical, business and compliance needs, as well as organisational fit and the ability to develop a long-term relationship with the supplier.

The implementation of Objective across the ADO will reap further benefits in control and access to information.

David Blanch

Director Records Management Policy, Australian Defence Organisation