Improving operational visibility and accountability

Even the most rigorous, procedure-based organisation like the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Fleet Air Arm (FAA) sometimes faces a challenge that forces it to transform itself.

For the FAA, that challenge came in the form of finding a robust information management solution that would deliver full auditability and traceability, enabling confident decision making and adherence to safety and airworthiness regulatory compliance.

This system needed to shape and prepare the organisation for a major change in the safety and airworthiness regulations. The level of improvement required was well beyond the former system capabilities.

The FAA's objective was to have an Australia best information management system that met operational outcomes and enabled regulatory compliance confidence.

Objective ECM has become so integral to the FAA’s operations that senior officers no longer accept paper to sign unless it is an exception.

Joseph Stablum

FAA Information Management Project, Navy Fleet Air Arm