Volunteering for the vulnerable: Coordinating a national support effort amidst COVID-19

Volunteer Scotland – the only national centre for volunteering in Scotland – needed to move quickly to provide continued support to its communities as a national lockdown came into force. Fortunately, Objective Connect provided all the tools to enable the team to do this.

The rapid development of coronavirus made volunteers critical to the country’s collective efforts to support and rebuild its communities and continue to provide essential public services.

Fronting the hub of volunteer activity across Scotland, Volunteer Scotland required a file share solution that was completely secure, that was easy to administer and easy for a growing number of external organisations to use.

Objective Connect catered to the charity’s COVID-19 response requirements and offered a solution in helping to support and coordinate a resilient and growing volunteer network during unexpected and unknown challenges.

We’re continuing to use this solution to help us manage the volunteering response to coronavirus and especially as we ease from our lockdown and enter a period of recovery. It’s such a flexible solution.

Alan Stevenson

IT and Communications Manager, Volunteer Scotland