Sydney RIMPA Roadshow

Tuesday 20th June 2023

Img sponsorship rimpa sydney roadshow 2023

Revolutionise Your Information Management at the Sydney RIMPA Roadshow

With Objective Corporation as silver sponsor, this is the next installment in RIMPA’s roadshow events.

The roadshows focus on building a community among information and records professionals through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community empowerment. They are designed to provide a unique view of all facets of information management from differing perspectives that relate to fields of:

Government Regulations & Policies: Stay up to date with the latest information privacy policies, procedures, and legislations from government representatives.

Cyber Security & Data Breaches: Stay protected from cyber threats and learn the latest security best practices.

The Future of AI: Discover the power of AI, its benefit, its risks, the possibilities of AI tools like Chat-GPT and their potential impact on the IM industry.

Topical Debates: Join interactive sessions with experts & delegates discussing the latest trends and hot topics affecting IM.

Tradeshow Networking: Expand your network and connect with peers and vendors in the industry.

Panel Discussions: Engage in the conversation and get your questions answered in our interactive sessions with industry experts.

Personal Development Workshops: Learn practical strategies and techniques to enhance your leadership abilities and develop a success-driven mindset to unlock your full potential.

Follow the link above to view the agenda for the day as well as register to secure your spot today.