Objective and The Hatchery are Shifting the Dial to Data-Driven Regulation

Objective are the exclusive sponsor of The Hatchery’s two-day in-person and online conference – Shifting the Dial to Data-Driven Regulation.

The possible impact that data can have on regulatory work is endless, from being able to regulate better, measure impacts, and ultimately deliver better outcomes with insights from data. With a surplus of data and information available to regulators, and industries becoming increasingly digital, regulators need to experiment with data-driven tools to be more agile and explore opportunities for collaboration with other regulators and government bodies for efficient use of resources.

The Shifting the Dial to Data-Driven Regulation conference will provide a platform for regulatory professionals across Australia and New Zealand to share best practice case studies to discuss how regulators can embed effective data strategies, leverage data to navigate risks effectively, uplift their data capabilities, data culture and literacy. In an environment with a surplus of data, it is imperative for regulators to adopt effective data-driven strategies and change the paradigm of being information rich and knowledge poor.

Objective customer presentation

Wayne Dale – National Heavy Vehicle Regulator 

A Modern Regulator: Intelligence Data-Driven Approach

  • Embracing an intelligence data-driven approach to enhance effectiveness and efficiency as a modern regulator
  • Harnessing the power of data to make informed decisions, improve compliance monitoring, and develop evidence-based policies
  • Leverage advanced data collection and analysis techniques to identify patterns, trends, and risks within regulated industries for strategic resource allocation
  • Explore how real-time surveillance and automated monitoring systems allow regulators to detect non-compliance instances promptly, to take proactive enforcement actions

Some outstanding presentations in the line up

Rachel Butler – Maritime New Zealand

General Manager Analytics and Insights | Organisational Strategy and Systems

From Insights to Action: Relationships & data- working with industry to prevent harm.

The challenge:

  • Understanding the data environment and its quality; accepting what is in and out of your control.
  • Use of data for insights; data quality and analysis, developing a higher trust environment with industry through data

The Result:

  • Insights to Action: joint regulator and industry action plan

The Learnings:

  • Relationships matter: data governance and reach.
  • The blend of the intelligence and data analytics mindset
  • A clear vision of how insights fit within the end to end of your organisation’s digital strategy

Tammy Braybook – Australia Maritime Services Agency

Senior Director, Data Capability & Analytics, Domestic Maritime Safety & Data Policy & Regulation

Deriving additional value from your data

  • How do you set up data governance & why?
  • Establishing foundation components including data custodians for systems, policy of how we use and reuse data
  • Understanding our data architecture better for a holistic picture of the data collected, how it is currently used and how it can be improved in the future
  • Establishing a range of the data use and reuse fundamentals and exploring what else can you do with your data other than prioritising risks
  • Educating the organisation of what is possible and what a future state can look like that will solve some of their current issues

What’s next?

Stay tuned for our follow-up blog outlining Objective’s insights from the event. With a huge cast of industry experts, we’re sure to have a plethora of valuable insights to share.