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Governance for Teams - designed for Content Manager

Balance collaboration and control. Deliver the collaboration, productivity and mobility benefits of Microsoft Teams with the peace of mind the information is governed by Micro Focus Content Manager.

Bringing governance to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams delivers improved productivity through collaboration and mobility. However, it can create a minefield for organisations to apply information governance controls and security policies to this new way of working.

Microsoft Teams allows users to create new digital workspaces where cross-functional teams can collaborate on defined projects or specific business outcomes. However, an additional layer of control is required to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary sprawl resulting from an ever-increasing number of Teams, as well as avoiding duplication, team obsolescence and information loss.

It is critical that content and posts occurring within teams are captured according to corporate policies. So too is the visibility of activity beyond the Team itself, to promote shared understanding and support broader business initiatives.

Extend your established governance framework

The Microsoft Teams and Objective GOV365 combination delivers a modern, collaborative workplace where team members can be confident of quality, trusted and intelligent information that is actionable within a secure environment. Through frictionless integration with Micro Focus Content Manager, Objective GOV365 provides a seamless transition to enhanced, sustainable information governance.

Objective GOV365 delivers robust integration with Micro Focus Content Manager to extend established policies and controls across your wider information ecosystem. Corporate content is seamlessly captured from the collaborative environment of Microsoft Teams directly into Content Manager without any user intervention.

Users can access this content in context, for a complete picture of all related business activities and decisions. Surface information directly from Content Manager into Teams, maintaining version control and preventing duplication.

Objective GOV365 allows your Microsoft Teams environment to be quickly mapped to the appropriate location within Content Manager. This applies to documents as well as the context in which they have been used, including Teams, Channels, Files and Conversations - ensuring you comply with regulatory requirements and support business needs for information.