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Insights for Objective ECM

Monitor, measure, decide and report


Businesses operate on the combination of information, processes and people, with executives expected to provide staff with clear direction. Yet all too often, business decisions are based on a combination of guesswork, innuendo and gut-feel. Ill-informed decisions can result in frustration and expose your organisation to risk. Business intelligence reporting provides you visual insights to make informed decisions, providing you the confidence to recalibrate your gut feel into quantitative outcomes.


Objective Insights visually presents data associated with the information assets and business processes managed by Objective ECM.

  • Uncover hidden insights to deliver value and drive efficiency throughout your organisation.
  • Monitor the use of your information governance platform to promote ECM adoption and ensure staff are efficiently accessing content.
  • Discover where your assets reside and how your people manage information.
  • Optimise workflow processes by pro-actively monitoring and analysing entire processes, to better understand their impact on your KPIs.
  • Identify and remove potential bottlenecks prior to them becoming an issue.
  • Highlight exceptions of your information assets, users and processes and drill into more specific detail for further investigation.