Make informed planning policy decisions to create great places.

Turn thousands of representations and evidence into actionable local plans and policies.

The planning process can be unpredictable, fragmented, and slow with many different rules and regulations to navigate. Old, manual, and inefficient processes spanning siloed departments can make evidence, research, and studies a complex task.

Objective Keyplan brings life to your local plans and policies. Designed to manage the entire process of researching, drafting and adopting plans, policy and strategy documents, from one centralised platform.

Provide complete transparency and detail to your local community by linking all evidence and feedback directly to your planning policy content.

Objective Keyplan has built-in capabilities to handle community feedback easily and efficiently saving valuable resources and time. It is the only solution that can handle both manual and digital submissions enabling inclusivity. Local Planning Authorities can stay focused on carrying out making informed decisions to create great places.

Find out how Objective Keyplan can revolutionise your planning policy process in one streamlined system.