Creating critical documents just got easier

Draft, approve, comply and publish regulated documents. All from one platform.

A centralised system bringing transparency and efficiency to the process or managing content.

Getting the right content into the right format, following the right process and obtaining the right approvals is really hard for today's teams. Regulations surrounding the compliance and engagement needed for regulated documents add complexity to what is already a manual and laborious process.

Objective Keystone helps organisations author, approve, publish and engage on large strategic documents, with governance, automation and control.

We help teams save time by allowing them to focus on the words instead of managing the document. We enable you to meet your regulatory obligations (such as records keeping in the public sector or compliance in financial services) by recording every change, action and approval in a system of record.

A cloud-based application, anyone can log in anywhere, any time through their browser and continue working on documents such as strategic plans, policy documents and disclosure statements.