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Objective Reach – Find matching data, fast

Combine secure data sharing with sophisticated search for powerful decision-making and better community outcomes

Objective Reach is specifically designed to find and share sensitive data across multiple systems and organisations while complying with policy and legislation.

Intelligent search and sharing for better community outcomes

Objective Reach is an award-winning solution developed from an innovation challenge supported by the federal government.

As a powerful, secure information sharing solution, it makes it easy to find the most likely matching records within seconds, then compare the results side-by-side. Objective Reach can be used to support better outcomes across a number of sectors including Community Services, Police and Justice, Environmental Protection and more.

Making better decisions with timely data from multiple systems

For many government agencies, accessing accurate, high-quality and timely information is a challenge. Data is often stored across multiple sources internally, or across different organisations, making sharing information difficult.

When it comes to ensuring positive community outcomes, having access to the right information at the right time is crucial to making the best possible decisions. Objective Reach provides access to timely information from multiple sources and empowers users to gain a clearer picture to improve decision-making.