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AlphaOne Security: Considering the system in its entirety

Discover how AlphaOne stores, accesses and manages customer data to ensure data is secure.

Cloud-based consenting provides new opportunities to transform how New Zealand manages the unprecedented demand for buildings across the country. Cloud-based technology also makes understanding the security and architecture of your software solution even more important.

When describing the security of any individual element within AlphaOne, Objective considers the system in its entirety. We also consider the processes and procedures that support the system throughout.

AlphaOne has several systems and processes in place to ensure the security of the data in both the customer-facing web presence and the council-side of processing building consents. The purpose of this document is to detail the security position of AlphaOne, providing information about the systems and processes that ensure the security of data within the application.

Download the security position paper to learn more.