Stimulating the economy and improving communication with customers through digital planning

Objective Trapeze has ensured City of Greater Dandenong’s building and planning continuity throughout COVID-19, as well as other benefits to the council and community

Throughout the pandemic, City of Greater Dandenong was able to ensure the building and planning functions of the council were able to continue. Even though employees were working in different remote environments, they were able to set up workflows and continue processes digitally. Had they still been using paper processes, this would not have been possible. 

The key benefits to the community as a result of using Objective Trapeze is improved output and faster timeframes to complete planning applications. Objective Trapeze has helped the council improve communication with their customers. Plans are annotated and marked up clearly and concisely before they are forwarded to applicants, so that they could get a better understanding of what information the council is seeking.

Objective Trapeze has improved planning as well as reporting in teams of statutory timeframes. The council has been able to effectively stimulate the economy and bring development on board in a much quicker and efficient way. 

Objective Trapeze provides a really user-friendly and easy system for our planners to use when assessing planning applications. It provides a really simple dashboard that allows different options for measuring, annotating, stamping – all the functions that we need to undertake through the planning permit process. It is a very easy and user-friendly system for everyone involved in the process.

Brett Jackson

Planning and Design Manager - City of Greater Dandenong