Automate the disclosure process

Free your product team to innovate

Australia's financial services organisations operate within a strict and ever-changing regulatory framework.

Creating a consistent, accurate and efficient disclosure regime is critical to upholding these regulatory standards and mitigating the costly repercussions of non-compliance.

But it's also critical to freeing up your product team to innovate - and in doing so, enable your customer experience initiatives to flourish.

Please join Objective Corporation's Joanne Powell, former Manager, Product Communication and Governance at MLC Australia, for this complimentary 30 minute webinar - "See how the customer experience blossoms when you free up your product team to innovate".

In this webinar Joanne will:

  • Summarise the findings of a recent survey by FST Media, in conjunction with Objective Corporation, which surveyed 118 banking and insurance executives across Australia and New Zealand to gain rare insight into the management and execution of the product documentation process.
  • Explain why the ever increasing regulatory requirements - and the risks associated with being non-compliant - mean that Product Managers, and others in the disclosure process, will spend an increasing amount of their time on routine tasks, rather than on product innovation.
  • Demonstrate how adopting leading-edge automation technology presents an opportunity to re-engineer and streamline existing collaborative authoring processes whilst mitigating prevailing risks.