Spotlight on Government Business: The True Cost of Ministerials and How to Realise their Value

Uncovering the true cost of managing ministerial processes and using real-world metrics to effectively realise their value

For agencies, few activities carry more weight or reputational impact than preparing briefs and correspondence for the Minister. Processes are increasingly complex and high-profile. Queries are more sophisticated. Advice is coordinated across teams, content is sensitive and responses must be delivered - fast.

What is the cost and impact of this demanding environment? Studies show that staff spend up to 60% of their time managing work, leaving only 40% of their time to do the work. How can agencies effectively balance speed with quality; security with collaboration; and maintain staff morale?


  • Understand the priorities and challenges for different stakeholders in ministerial processes
  • Quantify key areas of cost and overhead associated with managing these processes
  • Learn about the risks associated with mishandling, rework and poor quality of information
  • Consider the impact of poor team collaboration and low morale on operations and productivity
  • Find out how to benchmark your own ministerial processes and build a business case for improvement