Objective Trapeze Masterclass: Perfecting Measurements

Watch the on-demand replay of Marty & Molly in this Objective Trapeze Masterclass. This on-demand is focused on perfecting measurements in Objective Trapeze, including an introduction to a brand new feature. Over the course of the 45-minute on-demand webinar, we’ll take you through the measuring capabilities of Objective Trapeze , including:

  • Using the Measurement Panel to record measurements
  • How to combine measuring and calculating features within Trapeze
  • Tips & Tricks to measure faster and more accurately
  • How our new feature, Snap to Line, helps make your measurements even more accurate, and when it will be available to you!

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Marty Southwell

Customer Success Director - Planning & Building Solutions, Objective Corporation

Molly Banister

Product Marketing Manager - Planning & Building Solutions, Objective Corporation