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Respond faster to enquiries received from your community.

Objective Correspondence Management is a digital workflow solution that helps councils receive, action and respond to enquiries and correspondence flowing in from their communities.

Benefit from better process visibility and tracking. Maintain information governance. And provide a better experience for your community.

Be more responsive to citizens

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Be more responsive to citizens

Provide timely, complete and accurate responses through a controlled process.

Manage high volumes of correspondence into your council from a variety of sources

Workflow automation captures the receipt, registration and distribution of inbound communications as well as tracking and managing the actions and responses to the community.

Provide faster, more accurate responses to enquires received from your community

Content-rich emails are used to assign tasks to relevant business units. These tasks provide relevant information to easily action in a timely manner.

Meet your stated response times and SLAs

Provide timely, complete and accurate responses to your community through a controlled correspondence management process.

Better process management and governance

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Better process management and governance

Assign, draft, approve and dispatch correspondence - fast.

Manage your correspondence through digital workflows

Content captured via multiple channels such as fax, email, web portals, eForms and more can all be ingested into the digital workflow process. This means the preferred channel your community chooses to use will not impact the digital workflow.

Easily distribute to the appropriate business unit for action; and improve departmental collaboration

Content-rich emails are used to assigned actions to relevant business units and eliminates the risk of duplication.

Comply with records management obligations and maintain information governance with seamless integration

Integrate with your electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) to ensure a single source of truth. Maintain the security of your information through the upkeep of privileges and audit records.

Drive productivity at all levels

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Drive productivity at all levels

Save time. Reduce the use of multiple systems. Centralise information management. Streamline processes.

Visibility drives productivity gains

Reliably track your correspondence through its lifecycle. Visibility of progress is transparent and accessible to any authorised user; allowing you to easily identify and remove any bottlenecks.

Reduce the overheads of physical documents

Digital distribution of documents means only the source documents are retained and stored. This reduces the significant costs associated with retaining and managing physical paper records.

Dramatically reduce approval times

Where approvals are required, reduce the wait times associated with wet signatures thanks to digital approvals. Authorised users can approve tasks anytime and from anywhere via their mobile device.

Streamline and automate content-driven processes

Features that help you manage the end to end process of communications coming into your council.

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Intuitive Graphical Interface

Makes design, alterations and ongoing management simple.

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Dynamic Case Management

Enabling agile process management to ensure the best outcome.

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Anywhere, Anytime Access

Provide flexibility through access via any digital device.

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Elegant, browser interface

Powerful functionality is delivered to users via intuitive controls in a responsive browser interface.

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Serial & Parallel Routing

Provides control and flexibility to ensure that tasks actioned by the right people at the right time.

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Actionable Emails

Business users receive an email that contains all the relevant information they require to action a task.

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Process-centric workflows

Where the process is at the core; gathering content along its path to achieve the process outcome.

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Information-centric workflows

Where content is at the core; being processed, updated, added to and refined as it progresses through its lifecycle.

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