Modern view of Information

Leverage your information assets to deliver better and more effective services

While information governance is taken care of in the background.

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Deliver your organisation with a modern view of information

Information and records management has rapidly evolved over the last 10 years, as has user expectations of how to access, use and ultimately how they apply governance measures.  Organisations must adjust to ensure that ALL critical records are captured and preserved for long-term value and enable the users to engage with the information they need, for specific business purposes without overburdening them with stringent procedures. 

The IQ experience delivers a beautiful way for your users to engage with information.  It's Objective ECM delivered effortlessly.

Information Everywhere

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Information Everywhere

Give users continuous access to the information they need wherever they are working from.

Secure, continuous access to information

Allow staff to work unencumbered, whether working in the office or remotely, providing access to the content they need in a secure, compliant and highly governed way on the user's device of choice.

Unleash the value of information

Users can confidently make decisions and take action, knowing they are using the most recent and accurate information.  From detailed metadata to easily recognised icons that represent the state of a document: editing, locked, draft, co-authoring.


Customise how you see and access information.  Quickly and easily access objects you’ve recently worked on, create your own home page with frequently used documents, objects and search criteria.

Governance Everywhere

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Governance Everywhere

Users are free to work in their application of choice, knowing governance is applied automatically.

Controlled collaborative authoring

Leverage the power of Objective IQ to bring governance to Microsoft's co-authoring capability in M365. Provide users with a frictionless editing and co-authoring experience while controlling versions, history and security.

Enhanced governance for Microsoft Teams

Retain long term corporate knowledge.  Confidently embrace Microsoft Teams with the knowledge that information and its context is captured within Objective ECM. Capture all files as well as conversations. 

Seamless integrations

Provide users with a complete information picture by bringing content into their line of business applications to enable your staff to more effectively manage their content-driven tasks.

Sustainable Transformation

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Sustainable Transformation

Transform the way users work with digital workflows rather than manual, time-consuming processes. Lay the foundation for future requirements.

Approvals, reviews, briefs from anywhere at anytime

Users can action tasks and approve electronically, no matter how or where they work even when they are working from home. 

Unleash the value of information

Users have both the tools they need and trusted information at their fingertips, to confidently make decisions and progress tasks no matter how complex the process.

Extend your internal information governance externally

Provide the ultimate protection over your information, when you share it with anyone outside your organisation.

Information Everywhere

Learn how Objective IQ can improve your organisation's view of information.

Hear from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia as the EDRMS Lead shared an in-depth recap of how his department was able to roll out Objective IQ and how easily it was adopted by users. Learn how outstanding UX, new features and increased user adoption have made Objective IQ more enticing for the end-user.

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Objective IQ offers better functionality and an easy-to-use interface.

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IT Application Support Coordinator

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