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Government publications must be accurate but don’t have to be boring.

Manage contributions from subject matter experts across different teams and departments. Consult with your stakeholders or community. Compile comments, review and approve content with governance and control. Design and publish beautiful reports, plans and policy documents in web and print-ready formats.

Bring people together to deliver accountability and transparency in a truly engaging way.

What is collaborative authoring?

Discover how this cloud-based collaborative authoring solution allows
multiple team members to work on the same document at the same time.

Accelerate document creation and content review

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Accelerate document creation and content review

Produce high-quality reports, plans, policies and communications.

Draft content faster with cloud-based collaborative authoring

Eliminate the time and worry of consolidating individual contributions. Allow multiple authors and reviewers to simultaneously work on a single source of the truth, with workflow to keep things moving forward.

Remove the nightmare and danger of versioning

You're always working on the right and latest content by keeping all contributors working in one master document. Common content can be defined centrally and maintained in the Smart Clause Bank for re-use across many documents.

Empower your experts to focus on quality content, not formatting

Separate content creation, review and approval from document style and structure. Templates are designed and managed independent of the document content. Contributors can concentrate on drafting and editing, rather than fonts, footers and numbering.

Consult differently, so people know their comments matter

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Consult differently, so people know their comments matter

Our Engagement Portal makes feedback easier to process and respond to.

Communicate and engage with stakeholders and community

Provide a fantastic digital experience. Communicate more directly and enhance engagement with in-document comments and personalised in-line responses.

Streamline the document review and update process

Reduce the effort around processing submissions and incorporating feedback into documents. Receive submissions in a structured format, or with the unique "comment by section" capability.

Manage feedback with accountability and transparency

Capture and record all engagement activities. Generate statutory or summary reports including all comments received and outlining responses or action relating to each stakeholder.

Governance, risk and compliance management

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Governance, risk and compliance management

Audit and track every change, comment or action. Trace decisions back to the authorised individual.

Automation speeds up internal review

Assign specific sections to stakeholders for review. Automatic email notifications flag action is required and ‘review notes’ can be attached to specific sections of content.

Maintain the accuracy of documents and reduce the need for re-work

Define templates that ensure statutory and policy requirements are properly addressed. Approve content once, assured that it can't be altered during production without permission.

Audit, risk and compliance management

Track change history, version management and content approvals. Full audit and control ensure actions or decisions can be traced back to an authorised individual.

Beautiful, accurate, on-brand, multi-channel publications

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Beautiful, accurate, on-brand, multi-channel publications

Easily produce print-ready, downloadable or innovative digital documents.

De-couple the design and branding of publications from the content approval process

Pull verified source content into your documents; and in doing so remove the manual effort of copying and pasting, and the risk of designers and typesetters incorrectly using old versions of corporate style or content.

One-click publishing and automated document formatting

Based on a pre-configured publishing engine, using content sourced directly from a single information repository of verified content. Last minute updates to verified content are easily made and instantly applied across all relevant documents.

Effortless brand management and customisation

Automatically repurpose core content across multiple document types, such as annual reports and corporate plans, or guides and fact sheets. Swiftly update and republish documents with new style or branding in the wake of machinery of government changes.

Purpose-built automation replaces manual project management

Free your stakeholders to focus on content, compliance and publishing.

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For Policy Officers

Content is controlled in a single master shell, easy to update without battling formatting. Supported by workflows and common content approved for re-use across documents.

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For Risk and Governance Officers

Full audit and tracking ensure accountability for all decisions. Consultation is structured and reportable. Content is versioned at the document, section and paragraph level.

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For Communications Managers

Separately designed and managed on-brand templates for print and web documents. Verified content is directly sourced and automatically incorporated.

Software to support the production of government publications

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Remove distractions and speed up your project by assigning authors and management specific sections of the plan.

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Understand at a glance who made what changes, under what authority and based on what evidence.

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No reliance on graphic designers or typesetters to produce multiple web and print-ready formats.

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Requirements are embedded; content is managed; versions are controlled and maintained in a single system of record.

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Perform faster analysis, reporting and personalised responses to in-line feedback from stakeholders or the community.

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Increase efficiency with structured consultation and improve engagement with accountability for feedback and responses.

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The simple way to create complex documents

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