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Transform building consent workflow and service delivery

Save time and drastically improve the building consent process with an efficient and intuitive online platform.

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An online, end-to-end building consent solution developed specifically for New Zealand councils

AlphaOne is proven to efficiently receive and approve building consents, from application to Code of Compliance Certificate issuing and beyond, through to reporting management.

Transforming the service delivery of building consents, AlphaOne enables your council to work with consistency and transparency throughout the entire process. Along with big efficiency gains, work with confidence that consents are processed within statutory deadlines and all information is managed in one integrated system, creating a single source of truth


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Designed for efficiency, consents are managed through a secure, user-friendly interface

Application Portal

AlphaOne provides an online customer portal that can be integrated with your existing council website. Deliver all the forms and tools your customers need to submit high-quality applications every time. The portal offers the ability for applicants to track and comment on each of their applications at anytime, reducing the number of queries coming into council.


Save time with the ability to search, load and edit applications with ease. Assess each project with customised checklists. Enjoy simple automation for RFI. Ensure timely delivery with the statutory clock that works in accordance with building regulations.

Streamline Correspondence

Every application is issued with a unique email address, ensuring all correspondence is centralised and nothing is missed.

Invoicing and Deposits

Customers can be automatically invoiced and make deposit payments directly via the customer portal, with integrations to solutions such as Windcave.


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Customised dashboards are provided for each building consent application for easy navigation

Stay on Track

Stay ahead of the process with customised or auto-generated checklists that can be adapted to all types of building work. Questions marked with Fail will generate a Request for Information (RFI) form pre-defined with standard responses. This automatically stops the process clock which will resume on receipt of information.

Meet all of your compliance obligations

AlphaOne includes an automated ‘statutory clock,’ allowing you to keep track of every minute spent on application and ensuring you stay within the mandated 20 working days. Record all decisions electronically, demonstrating exactly how the building code compliance was achieved.

Integrated with your systems

Easily manage application files and integrate with Objective Trapeze to annotate and stamp plans, as well as view specifications. AlphaOne also includes an API, that enables information to flow seamlessly into your existing ERP and EDRMS solution.

Automate Building Consents

Reduce manual processes as building consents are already formatted in accordance with Building Regulations. Stop the ‘Statutory Clock’ once a decision has been made to grant, and automatically produce project-specific and accurate invoices every time.


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Complete inspections on site, with the AlphaOne mobile app

Rapid decision making

Make every inspection easy, with the AlphaOne mobile inspection app – offering both online and offline capability. Effortlessly answer questions with Pass, Fail or Not Applicable, as well as assist the inspector to demonstrate how they are satisfied on reasonable grounds that compliance is achieved.

Pre-populated Site Notices

Save processing times by providing a notice in-person on site. A fail automatically creates a template that can be further customised to the situation on the ground, indicating if a re-inspection is required. It can contain additional time stamped auditable notes, a RFI, or result in a formal directive.

Record additional information

Add inspection notes while onsite and rest assured they are instantly added to the application back at council, as soon as you have a Wi-Fi connection.  Manage project contacts, Licensed Building Practitioner and required documents directly from your mobile device.

Get the full picture

Have all of the information you need at your fingertips. Access all previous records of inspections, plus customer communications from the inspection app.

Management Reporting

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Management Reporting

Stay on top of what matters – team KPIs, Developer Trends and detailed Audit Reporting

Annual and Monthly Statistics

Know how your team is reporting and stay compliant with your Statutory Reporting requirements. All KPIs are delivered via easy to read and exec-ready reports. Generate monthly tables suitable for reporting to Council and create tables of Building Consents & CCC for StatsNZ reporting.

Workload Management

Dashboard reporting generates on screen capacity reporting in real-time. Predict the future with workload projections.

Automated Audit Reporting

With a single click, generate detailed audit reports covering all aspects of a job or consent, ensuring you know who did what and when.

Trend Analysis

Look across all applications within a given time period to see which developers produce the most RFIs and need some further education. Also use the AlphaOne ‘On Demand’ reporting tool to customise reports with the information that is important to you

Gain efficiency in the building consent process

The following features enable you to improve the building consent process so you work smarter

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Check Planning Considerations

Undertake a planning check with ease using a customised checklist and generate Form 3, Form 4 and PIM

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Detailed User Time Tracking

Automatically capture all time spent for accurate time charging and performance management

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Generate Compliance Schedules

Nominate Specified Systems, identify from templates that suit your council formatted in line with the Building Regulations

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Grant and Issue Consents

Accelerate the issuing process with fully automated Grant & Issue functionality

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Generate Regulated Forms

Automatically create regulated forms from templates that suit your council formatted in line with the Building Regulations

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Mobile Inspections

Inspect with accessible mobile capability, generate inspection reports with pre-populated templates, record notes, take photos and more

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Standardise RFIs

Pre-defined with responses, automatically issued once a fail is recorded, receipt of information restarts clock in line with regulated processes

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Fully Auditable

Produce detailed audit reports to demonstrate compliance and competence

You're in good company

Councils throughout New Zealand rely on AlphaOne to streamline their building consenting process from beginning to end.

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It has streamlined our process. It has meant that we have access to all the information we need from anywhere in the world and the information is captured within one point of truth.

Chris Parker

Team Leader Building – Palmerston North City Council

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Transform building consent workflow and service delivery

Save time and drastically improve the building consent process with an efficient and intuitive online platform.

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