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Deliver business benefits and realise value, fast

Nobody knows Objective software like our consultants. Leverage their wide experience and deep knowledge for your project.

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Work with a single, accountable provider

From software development to implementation and ongoing support, we do not outsource success. 

Backed by the entire organisation, your project will benefit from unique software expertise, deep experience working in government and regulated industries and a laser-sharp focus on customer success.

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Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Having provided expert guidance and best practice recommendations to thousands of organisations worldwide, Objective’s Professional Services team will help you to achieve your strategic and corporate goals, whilst aligning with regulatory and industry standards.

Information, Records and Process Compliance​

Navigating complex IM, RM and compliance requirements can be a complex and time-consuming task. Objective’s experienced consultants, help organisations develop a framework of policies, procedures, and accountability measures that ensure the effective management, protection, and utilisation of an organisation's information assets.

Regulatory Disclosure​

Disclosure is increasingly becoming critical to many organisations. Objective’s services team can provide insights and guidance around the transparent communication of information and advice on how to adhere to relevant regulations and standards.

Productivity and Efficiency​

Productivity and efficiency are key principles for any organisation. Our consultants will work closely with you to advise on establishing best-practice workflow and processes that optimise efficiency and adhere to organisational and regulatory standards.

Community Consultation and Planning​

Engaging with the community to gather feedback is critical input into the planning process. Working with you, our consultants will help you to understand the process of gathering and processing feedback, as well as enable you to run the planning process smoothly.

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce both your organisation's and industry's compliance risks through with advisory services from our seasoned regulatory experts. Their tailored guidance and recommendations empower you to mitigate risks and ensure best-practice regulatory compliance for your organisation.

Onboarding Services

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Onboarding Services

Seamless onboarding includes the services, training, resources, and support required for a smooth and successful start for your new solutions.


Our team will work with you to ensure your organisation is fully enabled to take maximum advantage of your new solution. Not only does this include setting up the products to deliver on your business needs, but also provides the right level of product familiarisation and education strategies to empower your end users.

Federation & Migration

Federated information, or data sprawl, is a common challenge in today’s workplace. Our team will help you work through determining whether to manage content in place, or to migrate to a consolidated solution.

Integration & Automation​

To streamline operations, improve efficiency, and minimise errors, connect disparate systems and automate repetitive tasks. Our team will collaborate closely with yours to assess workflows, identify automation opportunities, and integrate solutions effectively, ensuring a tailored approach that maximises business value and optimises processes throughout the onboarding journey.

Project & Change Management​

End-to-end management of the onboarding process ensures a smooth transition and alignment to project goals. We assist organisations orchestrate systematic planning and communication, execute strategies to smooth the transition to a new solution, all while mitigating risks and ensuring organisational readiness.

Optimisation Services​

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Optimisation Services​

Developing long term partnerships with  customers allows us to provide ongoing engagement to maximise solution value. Direct partnerships ensures support continued growth and development for our customers through value adding services.

Health Checks and Business Reviews​

Completing regular evaluations of an organisation’s operations, performance, and strategies provides informed recommendations that enhance efficiency, profitability, and long-term sustainability.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Moving to the cloud is a key business decision for many organisations. Making this decision presents complex requirements that our teams can help you navigate.  Security, Technical Feasibility and Governance; we will help you to assess each decision point and make the best decision.

Artificial Intelligence​

Realise the opportunities presented by Artificial Intellence (AI) and leverage the AI capabilities included in a growing number of Objective products.

Solution Architecture

Leverage Objective’s deep product and industry expertise to help evolve capabilities over time and maximise the value delivered through your investment in Objective’s solutions.

Customer Success

Through dedicated Customer Success consultants, we ensure your experience with Objective is outstanding; and that your solution delivers on your strategic goals and drives long-term value.


Our experience spans many industries and our specialists bring deep knowledge to every single project.

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Public Sector

Supporting critical State and Federal Government processes and compliance through tight controls and information governance.

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Local Government

Providing Councils the tools and processes to continue uninterrupted service delivery, planning and community engagement.

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Regulated Industries

Ensuring that organisations meet regulations through managed and monitored process and controls.

Icon blue financial services

Financial Services

Helping FSI keep ahead of Disclosure and Compliance regulations and meet critical deadlines.

Icon blue general education


Helping Education to build up the future generations with the right information in hand.

Icon blue crime enforcement

Crime Enforcement

Underpinning Crime Enforcement with processes and controls to remain compliant.

Icon blue utilities


Governing SOPs to support the uninterrupted supply of critical utilities through process and information governance.

Icon blue healthcare

Health Care

Allowing Health Care providers to focus on delivering care rather than administration.

Icon blue social services

Social Services

Giving Social Services access to critical information at the time when they need it.

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National Security

20+ years enabling our customers' missions and workforces in a variety of operational environments.

Icon blue regulators


Helping Regulators manage compliance obligations that are implemented and monitored.

Local talent at a global scale

People on the ground near you, backed by a pool of expertise around the world.

Deliver business benefits and realise value, fast

Nobody knows Objective software like our consultants. Leverage their wide experience and deep knowledge for your project.

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