Community Services

Supporting organisations that support vulnerable people

Spend more time making a difference with software designed to reduce complexity and administration, enable teams and adhere to legislation in one end-to-end solution.

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Support the safety, development and empowerment of children, adults and communities with one powerful end-to-end solution

Providing person-centred aged care, disability support services and care to children and young people is a rewarding and challenging job. Organisations need to effectively mobilise resources, leverage partnerships, manage complex projects and adhere to multiple pieces of legislation.

Objective RegWorks is a specialist SaaS solution designed to help manage the complexities within community services organisations. Enable your services to maximise resources, manage multiple stakeholders and accurately track progress with a flexible solution that easily adapts to changing organisational and legislative requirements.

Intelligent decision making

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Intelligent decision making

Make decisions with confidence based on accurate and reliable data when and how you need it

360 degree view

Leverage a full view, including historical information for all clients, carers, clinicians and contacts in one system.

Make informed, risk-based decisions

Ensure consistent, risk-based decision-making with built-in risk features including risk identification, analysis, actions and decisions. Visual risk representation helps users apply controls and take appropriate action.

A single source of truth

Managing all client, carer, clinician and employee information from budgeting and rostering to incident reporting in one solution.

Ensure compliance

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Ensure compliance

Safeguard your organisation with storage of probity documents and appropriate client and worker record keeping

Secure record keeping

Keep an audit trail and ensure appropriate record keeping to comply with legislative requirements.

Meet strict privacy requirements

Create different levels of privacy and permissions for sharing or viewing reports. Securely share information between teams, locations and external stakeholders.

Prepare accurate reports and process checklists on demand

Reduce the administrative load with accurate and timely reports and checklists across the full range of data to keep workers compliant.

Easily adapt to changing needs

Respond to high profile mandates, changing legislation, and meet implementation deadlines with a flexible no-code or low-code solution that aligns to your requirements.

Features to help you to work smarter

The following features improve your operations and help you to make a difference.

Icon regworks capture evidence

Capture evidence in the field

Allows a support worker to complete shift reports while on shift and automatically upload to the cloud for later reviewing and retrieval.

Icon regworks reporting

Real time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes so you can monitor your performance.

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Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs.

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations.

Icon regworks automation


Replace manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve productivity across the organisation.

Icon regworks reduce duplication

Single source of data

Create a single source of reliable, accurate information that can be accessed in the office and in the field.

Objective RegWorks offers a powerful solution to drive better client and carer outcomes; and to help us meet complex legislative requirements across our 14 business lines of service. It requires minimal staff training, is easy to use, and configured in a way to help our staff complete the required processes.

Danny Bosevski

Manager IT and Communications CareSouth

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Supporting organisations that support vulnerable people.

Spend more time making a difference with software designed to reduce complexity and administration, enable staff and adhere to legislation in one end-to-end solution.

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