Conservation & Environment

A specialist platform to help protect and preserve unique species, environments and heritage

Streamline your approach to regulation with a solution designed to easily empower your team to protect our conservation and environmental resources.

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Enable your team to educate, promote, monitor, and enforce compliance with legislation

Conserving natural and historic heritage, including National Parks, wildlife, threatened species and ultimately ensuring environments are maintained and restored comes with great responsibility. It means significant regulation and compliance obligations and the administration of multiple pieces of legislation.

Whether you need to manage new legislation for activities such as fishing and camping, provide information to the public, issue permits, implement educational activities, issue warning letters, infringement fines or take prosecutions in the Courts, Objective RegWorks can help.

Objective RegWorks enables you to digitally transform existing processes from paper based or legacy systems into a unified regulatory platform designed specifically for inspections, investigations, infringements, enforcement, and all compliance management.

End-to-end solution

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End-to-end solution

Use one solution across departments or agencies designed specifically for regulation and compliance.

Streamlined customer experience

Seamlessly engage with the general public via integrated interactive web forms that automatically create workflows for your teams to triage and efficiently manage applications, enquiries, complaints and incidents.

Real time incident capture

Centrally manage all incidents including details of an alleged offence, informant, and any other related information captured in the field on mobile by rangers, or via tip-offs.

Systems rules aligned with legislation

Implement rules based on legislation within workflows. Easily alter rules to reflect changes in legislation and ensure compliance across the organisation.

Ensure compliance

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Ensure compliance

Simplify processes and systems to enable accurate and timely responses and legislative compliance.

Manage prosecutions

Use court matter tracking to ensure prosecution requirements are met. Be confident that any prosecutions are supported by evidence aligned to relevant points of proof.

Full audit trail

Capture accurate and comprehensive usage information that can be readily accessed to meet all audit and control obligations.

Manage infringements

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Manage infringements

End-to-end inspection management including issuing infringements.

Access information in the field

Give officers access to information and the ability to record data even when out of network coverage in remote locations with no network coverage.

Issue field infringements

Allow rangers to issue electronic infringement notices immediately,  regardless of where they are, saving time and duplicate data entry.

Management payments

Track and manage infringement fee payments. Enable the public to pay infringements via integration to 3rd party payment gateways. Benefit from full visibility and reporting on payment status.

Meet KPIs

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Meet KPIs

Powerful search, reporting and audit capabilities enabling better decisions and ensuring compliance

Dashboards & reporting

Have full visibility of all request deadlines with clear, real-time reporting on dashboards.

Freedom of Information (Official Information Act) requests

Manage and track the progress of requests and then respond in an automated, controlled and timely manner. Approval delegation and time tracking ensures response times are within the legislated limits.

Identify risk profiles

Use historical data to identify high risk profiles or patterns of non-compliance to pro-actively target high risk activities.

360 degree view

Leverage a full view of all contact and compliance history such as previous or current complaints or investigations to help make better, informed decisions.

We chose to work with Objective because their solutions are such a good fit for our wide range of field-based activities. Thanks to their specialist experience, they understand the challenges around working in dangerous situations, managing highly confidential data and scaling on demand. It’s been great working with the Objective Regworks team and we’ve learned a lot from their years of experience in working with similar government agencies.

Mike Edginton

Department of Conservation, New Zealand

Objective Regworks

A unified regulatory platform for inspections, investigations, infringements, enforcement, and all compliance management.

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Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs.

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Seamless collaboration across different teams within agencies or secure inter-agency data sharing to increase efficiencies and provide a more detailed view.

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Document generation

Generate emails and documents without leaving the solution, using configured templates and efficiently storing all documents issued.

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Intuitive user experience

Designed specifically for regulation, our UX is focused on having the right information where you need it, minimising clicks and delighting users.

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassles.

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A specialist platform to help protect and preserve unique species, environments and heritage

Streamline your approach to regulation with a solution designed to easily empower your team to protect our conservation and environmental resources.

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