External File Sharing

When your council needs to collaborate with anyone, securely.

The ultimate solution when you are working with outsourced service providers, developers, citizens or your mobile workforce.

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A single, standard and secure file sharing solution that can be used by every department

Expanding digital collaboration presents serious challenges for local governments that are the custodians of confidential records and highly sensitive information.

Objective Connect is a secure external file sharing solution that gives complete control over the information you share outside your council. Trusted by over 50 councils across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Objective Connect is the standard platform they all trust.

When you need to know who did what and when

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When you need to know who did what and when

Secure file sharing from Micro Focus Content Manager or Objective ECM


Existing information policies and permissions are checked first before sending documents directly from your existing electronic document and records management system (eDRMS). Two-way synchronisation maintains a single source of truth. Every file received is automatically filed in the correct location.


Set individual abilities for every participant in every Workspace to match the needs and legal requirements of individual projects. Sensitive documents can even be set to preview-only to prevent local downloads.


Protect your organisation by providing full disclosure on every interaction on every document. From Workspace invites - to document downloads - to comments made - prove in seconds who did what and when.

Benefits for councils

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Benefits for councils

Flexible enough to meet the needs of every department while providing visibility for IT

Single source of truth

Seamless integration with Micro Focus Content Manager and Objective ECM means any files you update are instantly broadcast to external parties; and any files you receive are saved in the correct location in your file plan, every time.

Eliminate paper processes

Transition traditional paper-based processes and communication involving people outside your council to digital. What previously took days can now be completed in minutes.

Do away with IT overhead

Secure Workspaces are easily set up in 60 seconds by business users.

One platform, many processes

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Legal & Governance

Enable digital distribution of council papers in seconds. Protect sensitive content by eliminating the need for paper copies.

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Planning & Building Consent

Move the assessment process online for building approvals. All parties can easily upload plans, forms and photos in seconds.

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Two-way synchronisation with your eDRMS means you’re always got the latest information for everything from rubbish collection to marketing.

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Recruitment & HR

Stop sending contracts and offer letters in the post. Reduce lag times from weeks to hours with same-day processing of new hires.

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Corporate Services

Business continuity plans are easily kept up to date and available for access on any device, at any time, anywhere.

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Emergency Management

Gather information from multiple sources, maintain up-to-date emergency plans and share information with responders fast.

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Because the security is there, we know we can safely transfer and receive data - and be confident the information is safe and secure the minute we get it.

Kate Broom

Data and Systems Support Officer, Middlesbrough Council

More than 200 organisations worldwide rely on Objective Connect to share content securely

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By digitising approvals, Wyndham City Council went from processing 300 planning applications a month, to 1000. With no extra staff.

Mark Christiansen

Information Services, Wyndham City Council

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When your council needs to securely collaborate with anyone.

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