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Regulation to ensure safe and responsible gambling and liquor environments

Make better decisions for licencing, compliance and enforcement with software designed to help you capture compliance history, identify risk factors and streamline separate systems.

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Supporting the regulation of gambling and liquor industries to ensure integrity and minimise harm

Ensuring people enjoy safe and responsible gambling and liquor environments involves a high degree of regulation and compliance.

With increasing volumes of license applications, renewals and updates, signage requirements, RSA/RSG management, identification management and complaints there is a high demand on staff to ensure appropriate responses in an acceptable timeframe.

Objective RegWorks is designed to process complaints and progress to an inspection or investigation through the correct approvals as required. Easily process inspections with one place to view all venues and licences. Create infringement notices, enforceable undertakings, letter and notices as an enforcement action for any offences. Attach records of interviews and generate reports for a full view of compliance activities.

Intelligent decision making

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Intelligent decision making

Process applications with confidence, determining decisions or imposing conditions based on known historical information.

Make informed, risked based decisions

Risk based algorithms take your defined parameters to calculate a risk rating. Visually depict residual risk to inform users so they can apply controls and make appropriate decisions.

Single view of a customer

Speed up registration and licensing renewals with complete visibility of your customers’ details, history, related activities and related parties from a single screen.

Identify risk profiles

Use historical data to identify high risk profiles or patterns of non-compliance to pro-actively target high risk activities and operators.

Respond swiftly

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Respond swiftly

Automate your processes so you and your team can respond effectively.

Licence management

Manage licences throughout their lifecycle including approvals, scheduled checks, recording of audit results and corrective actions, renewals, sanctions and orders.

Progress to an inspection or investigation

Simplify processes and systems, apply suggested actions based on policy or legislation. Use workflows to progress to an inspection or investigation if required.

Create infringement notices

Use configurable templates to automatically generate documents based on workflows and business rules. Ensure quality outputs, every time.

Manage inspections

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Manage inspections

Give users intelligence in the field and capture data accurately and immediately no matter where you are

Access information in the field

Your field officers can create inspection notices, schedule inspections and follow-ups, and manage compliance activities in or out of the office.

Easily attach evidence

Attach photographs or audio files and link to investigation and inspections, ready for inclusion into a brief of evidence.

Streamline workflows to assist in efficient and accurate work

Set reminders, assign work to individuals or teams, automate approvals processes and see measurable improvements in approval and response times.

Meet KPIs

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Meet KPIs

Powerful reporting and audit capabilities enabling better decisions and ensuring compliance.

Streamlined application processing and workflows

Built-in workflows guide you to progress applications through to certificate generation. Apply consistent business rules, use guided checklists, record decisions and obtain further information.

View all venues & licenses in one location

Leverage a full view of all entities and their contact and compliance history such as previous or current complaints or investigations.

Prepare accurate reports upon request

Reduce administration overhead with accurate and timely reports across the full range of agency activities including complaints, infringement notices, inspections and breaches and enforcement actions.

Objective Regworks

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Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs.

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Document generation

Generate emails and documents all within the solution, using configured templates and efficiently store all documents issued, complete with comprehensive governance and audit trails.

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Manage educational activities

Allow users to prepare and record education activities, easily attaching and generating the relevant documentation.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Real time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance and streamline your teams workload.

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations.

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This system provides increased consistency across inspections and ensuring the relevant licence conditions and requirements are checked.

2017-2018 Annual Report

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

Read the Case Study

Regulation to ensure safe and responsible gambling and liquor environments

Make better decisions for licencing, compliance and enforcement with software designed to help you capture compliance history, identify risk factors and streamline separate systems.

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