Content Migration

Simplify your next migration project

Migrate and consolidate billions of documents on-premise to the cloud, or both.

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Scalable, automated, and flexible document migration

A successful document migration is the springboard from an aging system to a modern, innovative content management solution. Objective 3Sixty can be leveraged as a migration platform to move large volumes of content at speed.

Connect and analyse content from over 50 repositories, migrate documents, versions, meta data, control lists, folders and more.

On-premise and cloud connectors

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On-premise and cloud connectors

Migrate content from more than 50 content management systems, business process solutions, and enterprise applications.

No coding required

Migrating content from your legacy system shouldn’t require bespoke coding. Objective 3Sixty delivers a wizard-driven approach to migrations at any scale.

On-premise to the cloud, or both

Objective 3Sixty has a library of connectors that can access the content repositories of solutions including M365, OneDrive, Alfresco, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, IBM File, iManage, Infor and more.

File and Folder Schema properties

Quickly and easily identify the fields that you need to map from your content from your legacy system. Once connected, Objective 3Sixty gives you complete visibility of the file and folder schema properties within the content repository.

Analyse and inspect your data

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Analyse and inspect your data

The key to success is understanding the content you are migrating.

Identify and tag your content before it starts migrating

Build aggregated views that pinpoint duplicates and flag sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), before you migrate it.

Cleanse the content that you are migrating

Create jobs that can be executed during migration to enhance your content. Split metadata, extract metadata from paths, check for duplicates, OCR documents, leverage computer vision to add labels and so much more.

Migrate high volumes at speed

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Migrate high volumes at speed

Remove the need for heavy coding of custom scripts. Objective 3Sixty enables business users define mappings and perform migrations.

Wizard driven mapping

The mapping phase provides the link to the destination system. Objective 3Sixty includes an intuitive UI to map items such as content types, tables, field names, meta data, creation dates and modification dates.

Create custom rules, migrate over time

To minimize the impact of a ‘big bang’ migration, Objective 3Sixty allows organizations to migrate content over time. Create migration jobs to streamline your processes, prioritizing mission critical documents, projects or departments.

Tame the data sprawl in your organisation

Features that allow you to remove information silos decommission legacy applications.

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On-premise or in the cloud

Move documents to or from your cloud repositories.

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Complete migration

Versions, metadata, created date, modified date, type and more.

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Wizard mapping

No need for coding, pre-built step-by-step processing.

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Repository Analysis

Make key decisions before migrating ROT.

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Data enrichment

Perform inflight tasks such as OCR and meta data updates.

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Speed and scale

Designed for billions of documents.

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Discover how Objective 3Sixty can help you tame the data sprawl in your organization.

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Legacy Content Migration

An essential guide to simplifying your next document migration project. Consolidate billions of documents with the latest technology.

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Product Brief

Objective 3Sixty

Federated Information Governance. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information from multiple sources.

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Simplify your next migration project

Migrate and consolidate billions of documents on-premise to the cloud, or both.

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