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Assess digital plans faster.

Software purpose-built for planning and building teams. All the tools you need to assess, compare, annotate and approve digital plans.

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The smarter way to assess and approve digital plans

Objective Trapeze is used by almost 300 councils across Australia and New Zealand.

Efficiently and accurately replace your paper or digital PDF processes by using the only purpose-built software to measure, assess, annotate and stamp digital plans and drawings.

The result: Productivity boosts for planning and building teams. Faster decisions for applicants. Cost reductions and improved information governance for councils. And better outcomes for the community. Win, win, win, win.

Measure & Calculate

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Measure & Calculate

Powerful tools to perform and track complex measurements with ease, speed and pinpoint accuracy.

Complex measurements, made simple

Undertake complex calculations in seconds. Scale plans and perform additions, subtractions and percentage calculations across multiple pages. Select multiple measurements for quick totals and hide/show measurements. Keep track of your measurements in the floating Measurement Panel and use tags to easily group similar measurements together. Use the Snap-to-point tool to ensure your measurements are both quick and precise.

Verify compliance without looking away from your plans

Ensure development is compliant with relevant planning rules such as floor space ratio and landscaped area using the handy built-in calculator and percentage functions.

Perform specific assessments with ease using specialist tools

Supercharge your assessment using powerful purpose-built features such as the Light Table, Overlay, Cone of Vision and Recession Plane tools.

Annotate & Redact

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Annotate & Redact

Effortlessly annotate and redact your plans with smartly designed mark-up tools.

Easily flag changes or areas needing attention with visual cues

Mark up your documents with customisable arrows, clouds, text boxes, sticky notes, images, stamps and more to highlight areas of concern, draw attention to amendments or specify required design changes.

Improve RFIs and referrals by communicating visually

Describing an issue or a required change in words can be time consuming and hard to perfect. Powerful annotation tools help you clearly and effectively convey meaning with applicants and referral agencies, while eliminating unnecessary back and forth communication. The result? Faster dispute resolution and better outcomes.

Quickly redact sensitive content of any shape

Use a variety of redaction tools to remove sensitive information and floor plans. Draw redactions across irregular shapes and leave clear commentary about the nature and reason for the redaction. 


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Fast-track your plan review process with smartly designed digital stamps.

Objective Trapeze finds the best spot, so you don’t have to

Smart Stamping automatically detects clear space, and places stamps in the best possible location on each page, significantly speeding up your approval process. 

Stamp in seconds

Stamp a 100-page application in a few mouse clicks, without having to flick through all the pages to identify which stamps are covering information or drawings. Save time by only reviewing the pages where insufficient clear space was found. Reposition stamps the way you want.

Fully customisable stamps

Create and save custom stamps that include your council logo, signatures, images, date, time and metadata from your eDRMS, such as reference numbers and assessor names.


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Don’t scour over a document searching for changes. Document Compare automatically detects and reveals these for you.

Quickly compare, pixel by pixel, two versions of a document

Document Compare removes tedium and saves you time by automatically detecting changes and highlighting the amended content. Easily review pages side by side or overlaid for greater context.

Catch sneaky changes at a page level

We’ve all reviewed updated plans to find a balcony has ‘suddenly’ been extended or a building given a completely different footprint than what was discussed or shown in previous plans. Document Compare finds those changes and highlights them, so you’ll never miss a thing again.


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Seamless integration with your eDRMS means you can work better, smarter and with confidence, knowing information governance is covered.

Connect your systems for a seamless experience
Access, measure, mark up and save documents from your eDRMS directly within Objective Trapeze. Eliminate frustration and boost your productivity and efficiency by seamlessly integrating development assessment into your existing workflows.

Deep integration with:

  • Ci Anywhere & TechnologyOne® ECM
  • Micro Focus® Content Manager
  • Objective ECM
  • SharePoint®
  • OpenText® eDOCS
  • iManage® Work
  • and more

You’re in good company, and we’re just around the corner

Almost 300 councils in Australia and New Zealand rely on Objective Trapeze to assess digital plans faster.

Our teams are based in Australia and New Zealand. Take advantage of experts who understand local government and planning, are in your time zone, and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Objective Trapeze.

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Features council planning and building teams love

Transform the way you assess digital applications. Work smarter. Work faster.

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Navigate and zoom into sections of large maps or plans without losing clarity, and focus on the content that matters.

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Add, subtract and calculate percentages across multiple pages. Select multiple measurements for quick totals.

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Add annotations to plans easily and customise how they appear, making changes or requests easily visible.

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Safeguard sensitive data by irreversibly redacting information from your PDFs. Apply exemption codes for global Privacy, FOI Acts and more.

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Combine multiple files into one document using right-click in Windows Explorer or your Desktop.

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Compare documents side by side or overlaid to highlight any differences.

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Smart Stamp

Stamp hundreds of pages in seconds, using computer vision to find the available white space.

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Easily set up, customise and lock down stamps, annotation presets and other preferences. Preview your configuration and centrally roll it out to users in your organisation.

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With Objective Trapeze, it’s just a matter of hitting a button and – bang – it’s stamped the whole document. It’s allowed us to get consents through the system quicker, and out the door at the other end.

Brent Cunningham

Acting Team Leader, Building and Services - Waitaki District Council

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Measurement Calculations

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Assess digital plans faster.

Software built exclusively for planners and building surveyors. All the tools you need to assess, review and approve digital applications.

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