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If you’re using a legacy version of Trapeze, you're missing out on big time savers!

By upgrading from Objective Trapeze 10 to the latest version, Objective Trapeze Professional, your organisation could save hours on every plan they assess.

Take a look at the table to see exactly how many new features have been added to Objective Trapeze Professional. Once you're ready, have a chat to our team about exactly how many additional plans your team could process each year by upgrading. 

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General Performance

  • Optimised performance (opening documents, page switching, document switching)
  • Improved mouse zoom and Microsoft Surface Dial support
  • Smooth Drawing (for Annotations, Light Table and Overlays)
  • Print Preview
  • Quick Settings

Tools & Functionality

  • PDF manipulation (add, reorder, rotate, append pages etc.)
  • Annotate, redact and scan
  • CAD viewing capability
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and keyword search
  • Document Combine (in Trapeze and from Windows Explorer or Windows Desktop)
  • Combine Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with PDF and other Trapeze-supported file formats
  • Polygon Redaction Tool
  • Open as One for batch stamping
  • Snap-to-Point Measuring and Annotations
  • Polygon Cloud (coming soon)

Viewing Documents

  • Overview and Magnifier
  • Two Document View
  • Open copy from document tab
  • Read Mode

Scaling & Measuring

  • Set Scale and Calibrate
  • Line and Area Measurement tools
  • Scale Multiple Pages and Quick Scale
  • Measurement tagging and tag filter
  • Measurement Panel
  • Advanced Calculator (quick totals, multi-page calculations & history)
  • Segment Lengths (i.e. travel distances)
  • Offset Line Annotation Tool
  • Guided Volume Calculations
  • Snap-to-Point Measurements

Advanced Assessment Tools

  • Overlay Annotation Tool
  • Offset Line Annotation Tool
  • Light Table
  • Improved Light Table
  • Document Compare and Colour Compare


  • Manual stamping
  • Smart Stamping
  • Cloud stamp hosting, management and deployment

Third Party Integration

  • Integration with most local council eDRMS
  • Integration with TechOne Ci Anywhere

Find out exactly how many extra plans you could be processing each year on Objective Trapeze Professional. Book in a chat with our customer success team here. Or if you’re ready to get started, you can Trial Objective Trapeze Professional now.

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Over 300 councils in Australia and New Zealand rely on Objective Trapeze to assess digital plans faster.

Our teams are based in Australia and New Zealand. Take advantage of experts who understand local government and planning, are in your timezone, and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Objective Trapeze.

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