Simplify the licence and renewal process

Manage the entire licensing process with Objective RegWorks, designed for regulators.

Automate licensing

Tired of dealing with time consuming, inefficient, manual processes for managing licences? Objective RegWorks enables online self-service, empowers data-driven assessment decisions, and reduces effort for managing licences throughout the lifecycle in a secure cloud platform.

Licence applications

Licence applications

RegWorks is an intuitive online platform where applicants can submit their applications, upload required documents, track the status of their approval in real-time and make payments. This reduces paperwork, accelerates processing times, delivers a modern customer experience and improves overall efficiency for regulators.

  • Self-service secure portal gateway
  • Intuitive web forms enabling guided submissions
  • Users can save and return to applications
  • Data entry is minimised by prepopulating data
  • Built-in email and document templates for efficient correspondence
  • Integration to data validation sources such as address and national business number lookups

    Processing licences

    Processing licences

    With RegWorks, routine tasks can be automated such as completeness checks, required documents, and risk-based assessments. Regulators can reduce manual effort, free-up time, minimise errors, respond quicker and make transparent decisions when processing applications.

    • Automated reminders
    • Workflows and suggested next steps
    • Approval prompts
    • Full licence lifecycle view and audit trail
    • Monitor individual workloads
    • Dashboards to identify bottlenecks
    • Easily manage renewals process
    • Trigger warnings for applications needing more scrutiny

    Data driven insights

    Data driven insights

    RegWorks links compliance and enforcement history to entities, providing a single source of truth for all licensing-related information enabling regulators to make accurate decisions. Generate real-time reports, track key performance indicators, and gain actionable insights into licensing trends and patterns.

    • Single source of truth
    • Consistent and transparent decision making
    • Risk-based assessments
    • Complete record of interactions
    • Identify trends
    • Configurable to accommodate changes in regulatory requirements

    What are the benefits?

    Objective RegWorks underpins streamlined, secure, and responsive licensing.

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    Enable Self Service

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    Better customer experience

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    Faster processing times

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    Improved efficiency for regulators

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    Better visibility and reporting




    • Efficiency! Reduced volume to call centre, reduced effort responding to enquiries, improved morale of regulatory staff
    • Spend more time on targeted and regulatory activities
    • A more sophisticated approach to decision making through consistent business rules and workflows
    • Integrated data from multiple sources to better identify risk
    • Save time with a single source of truth
    • 360 view of historical interactions
    • Faster and easier to process applications due to configured workflows that direct staff step-by-step
    • Dashboards to show time taken at each step helping to identify bottlenecks
    • Online portal to communicate what’s missing and enable the applicant to respond quickly and easily, including uploading documents.