Ever wondered what happens to your Development Application after you submit it to Council?

If you’ve ever submitted a Development Application to your local Council, chances are your architectural plans and drawings were assessed using Objective Trapeze.

A powerful application used for measuring, annotating, comparing and stamping digital plans, Objective Trapeze is used by more than 600 local council planning and building departments in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Recently-launched Trapeze Professional takes the tools planners and building surveyors love to the next level. We’ve automated tasks such as stamping and comparing documents so specialist workers can focus on where their skills are needed.

The City of West Torrens, in South Australia, was an early adopter of Trapeze Professional and is realising the benefits of having the right tools for its workforce.

“The new Smart Stamping has completely revolutionised our processes when we have to stamp very large numbers of plans,” said Amy Morden, Development Officer at the City of West Torrens in South Australia.

We’re often working on large documents, sometimes 1200-pages-long. It used to take up to half a day to stamp every page in a large document, but with Trapeze Pro we’ve been able to cut our time to 5 or 10 minutes.

Amy Morden

Development Officer
City of West Torrens

Smart Stamping

Smart Stamping automatically finds clear space on each page, so important detail or wording in a legal document isn’t obstructed. See it in action, in this video.

Document Compare

Development Applications typically go through several iterations in the assessment process and the ability to compare multiple versions of large documents to identify differences is critical.

The latest release of Trapeze Professional highlights differences between two pages with the click of a button.

It’s innovation like this that delivers significant value to our customers.

"If we’re not spending as much time doing simple administration tasks, we can use our time more efficiently to do more of the assessment work," said Amy Morden.

At Objective, we create software to make a difference to our customers and the communities they serve. That’s why our customers’ success is at the heart of everything we do in Objective Trapeze and in all of our solutions.

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