Added security with Two-Step Verification

Objective Connect Enterprise Edition - new feature

Protect your most sensitive information

The Enterprise Edition of Objective Connect now delivers the ability to add two-step verification on workspaces containing your most sensitive information.

With a single click, you can add an extra layer of security and certainty with a one-time access code each time a participant wants to view the contents of a workspace. To assist Connect Administrators rolling out this feature, we have this created a 1-minute launch video.

From short-term sharing to long term collaboration

I recently published a blog detailing how the use of Objective Connect in government agencies and regulated industries has evolved. Where Connect was initially seen as a tool to share documents quickly, it has now become a bridge that supports long term collaboration and federated processes.

In this situation, you are often the last to know when a colleague from another agency has left their organisation. By adding two-step verification, you can have peace of mind that the participants you are collaborating with continue to have access to their work email address; a positive indicator that the agency still employs the participant.

Why not use SMS?

As part of our ongoing customer engagement, we have discussed the use of SMS as an additional form of participant verification. The challenge within government - more often than not an agency does not supply a corporate mobile phone number to their team members. As an employee departs an organisation, they take their number with them, meaning the agency cannot block access or the use of the number for identification purposes.

The Connect product management team will monitor usage of Two-Step in its current form and continue to gather customer input. Based on these inputs we will decide if and when we should be using SMS to verify identity.