Easy-to-use file-sharing solution with government-grade security

Cumbria County Council is a large public sector organisation in the north west of England. The Council has approximately 4,000 users on their ICT network some of whom have a regular requirement to share information with external partners, stakeholders and members of the public.

In recognising that they urgently needed to adopt an easy-to-use, file sharing solution, that provided security up to Impact Level 2 (IL2 / Official), and could be easily deployed with little or no ICT involvement in setup or on-going administration, the Council implemented Objective Connect.

Following Storm Desmond in 2015, the Council was faced with major re-build works. With around 600 assets (roads, bridges and other infrastructure), the team at Cumbria Council had a daunting task on their hands. Each asset required an Assessment Report to be produced (to understand the nature and extent of damage to it) and then a Solution Scope (detailing how it would be repaired and the associated costs). Completing such a complex and crucial task required collaboration with a large number external contractors and civil engineers. The work only made harder due to its urgency.

The system could not be easier to use and provides reassurance to our end users, ICT and Information Security alike.

Kevin Maxwell

ICT Service Support Manager, Cumbria County Council