The mission to deliver better services and outcomes to residents

As the most multicultural council in Australia, City of Greater Dandenong strives to support better outcomes for residents through information management with a suite of Objective products

The City of Greater Dandenong began their implementation of Objective back in 2009 to update their records management compliance. They needed a proper electronic management system that could keep track of all the records in a compliant way. This in turn would helped to improve the way in which they interact with residents as the most multicultural council in Australia.

Now, with the need to work outside of the office, City of Greater Dandenong utilises tools like Objective Connect for file sharing and collaboration with other councils, as well as Objective GOV365 for Microsoft 365 governance.

“Bringing on new technology over the years has definitely helped us deliver better services to residents,” explained James Hickmott, Digital and Data Transformation Lead, City of Greater Dandenong.

The reason why we use so many Objective products is not only just how well they integrate with each other, but also how they integrate with other systems as well. They’re not sitting there to take over the entire ecosystem and all of council systems. They’re there to work with council systems and make the staff’s job easier which means we can deliver those results to residents.

James Hickmott

Digital and Data Transformation Lead, City of Greater Dandenong