8 reasons why a CRM platform might not be the right solution for regulatory agencies

Technically, a CRM could be enhanced to meet your requirements. But at what cost?

It can be a challenge for government regulators in Australia and New Zealand to select the right digital solution. 

Many customer relationship management (CRM) solutions could be enhanced by vendors to meet requirements, but at what cost?

At first glance, organisations might consider it. Entity data could be leveraged from a CRM system and investments can be made to customise it to do the job to meet regulation requirements.

However, will this be enough? Explore why it might be better to choose a flexible pure-play solution with our infographic. Take a deep dive into:

  • Cost of implementing CRMs
  • Challenges faced when upgrading
  • Keeping up with the pace of the business
  • User experience
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • And more key points to consider

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