On-Demand: Secure external file sharing and collaboration with Content Manager

Delivering sustainable information governance

Enable secure external collaboration via Microsoft 365

For too long, Content Manager Administrators have been presented with an impossible choice between locking down information for security or opening it up to get things done. Without a dedicated solution, 81% of teams have resorted to improvised workarounds with open, unauthorised or consumer grade software1 that can introduce new risks every time they click send or share.

What if a single application could extend your existing information governance protection in Content Manager outside your four walls? Enable secure external collaboration via Microsoft 365, while maintaining a single source of truth in Content Manager and record of who did what and when.

Watch On-Demand

Join us for our "Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 and Content Manager" webinar series, to see how Objective Connect can allow secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere.

  • See – Containers being shared securely from Content Manager, providing online access to trusted external partners
  • Hear – How documents can be edited, and even co-authored, with M365, with all revisions retained in Content Manager
  • Learn – Why more and more security conscious agencies across Australia utilise a locally hosted, ISO certified and IRAP assessed solution for external collaboration

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Antony Bauer

Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation

Chris Britton

Global Vice President, Objective Connect

Kim Alsdorf

Business Information Systems Manager, Hornsby Shire Council


1. McAfee Report by Stratecast (a unit of Frost & Sullivan)