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High quality, rapid responses

Deliver accurate, timely and consistent advice by injecting governance into your Ministerial processes.

When it comes to public sector processes, few carry more weight or reputational impact than preparing advice for the Minister. Ministerial processes have become increasingly complex and high-profile. Queries have never been more sophisticated and often involve multiple ministers, departments and portfolios.

With a digital-savvy public, social media-empowered citizens and punishing 24x7 media cycles, it's no wonder Ministers want briefings in real-time; agencies are under pressure to keep pace with a new set of expectations.

The impact is a perfect storm for the Ministerial support units, with agency executives heavily reliant on their teams to consistently ensure timely, high quality responses.

Ministerial processes require a well-coordinated and fine-tuned effort by the entire agency to ensure outcome excellence.

The question staff and executives must ask; is there a best-practice approach to managing the Ministerial process? And can it be applied with limited impact on staff and existing systems?

Reduce the pressure with a best-practice approach

Ministerial processes are traditionally document-centric, paper-based and manual. Objective Ministerial Processes enables your agency to securely automate and streamline these processes from end to end, to increase productivity and meet critical response times.

Designed to be applied to existing information governance platforms, Objective Ministerial Processes respects governance polices, enables stakeholders to interact with process requests and provides transparency across the entire process to ensure responses are delivered on time and to the highest quality.