Accelerate Microsoft 365 adoption with Information Governance

Organisations are often challenged with how they can maintain information governance and compliance across their Microsoft 365 environment. Microsoft Office applications, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online all provide collaboration and efficiency for organisation but can quickly create challenges with information governance and compliance.

The combination of Microsoft 365 and Objective delivers a modern, collaborative workplace where team members can be confident of the quality, trusted and intelligent information that is actionable within a secure environment. With frictionless integration in an already familiar Windows environment, Microsoft 365 and Objective provides a seamless transition to enhanced, sustainable information governance.

By integrating existing information sources with the collaboration tools of Microsoft 365, Objective enables transformation to fully digital work practices while ensuring continued best practice information governance.

Objective's Chief Product Officer, Jon Palin, shares the considerations for CIOs and IT when deploying Microsoft 365 and how enhanced sustainable governance can benefit organisations.


  • Jon Palin, Chief Product Officer, Objective Corporation
  • Antony Bauer, Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation