Maximising the use of Microsoft Teams in a governed environment

Over the last 18 months, Microsoft Teams has had amazing success allowing people to easily communicate and collaborate in a hybrid work environment.

Every day Teams are created, every hour files are shared, every minute decisions are made in Microsoft Teams. But where’s the record? How are you leveraging your existing EDRMS?

What if you could maximise the use of Microsoft Teams, and at the same time unlock the full potential of your EDRMS?

Watch this educational on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn the critical records and governance considerations for a hybrid working environment
  • Explore how you can integrate Microsoft Teams with your EDRMS.
  • Discover tips and tricks for using Microsoft Teams in your government agency


Peta Sweeney

Vice-Chair & Queensland Director RIMPA Board | Records Coordinator at Queensland Parliamentary Service.

Stuart Meyers

Customer Value Director at Objective Corporation.

Antony Bauer

Product Marketing Manager at Objective Corporation.