Spotlight on Government Business: Mastering Ministerials

Deliver fast, high quality advice with ease

We’ve all seen the headlines and recognise that governments are facing volatile times, juggling the speed of decision making and responding to a more empowered citizen. The challenge for the public sector is how to effectively manage the variety and velocity of ministerial requests with multiple stakeholders and sometimes contentious environments.

Studies show that knowledge workers spend up to 60% of their time managing work, leaving only 40% of their time to do the work. How can agencies effectively balance speed with quality; security with collaboration; and maintain staff morale?


  • Experience the simplicity of a best-practice process, balancing control with flexibility, powered by trusted information
  • Imagine the impact of enabling executives to digitally review and approve, anytime, anywhere
  • Discover how dashboards and real-time data provide end-to-end visibility and make reporting a breeze
  • Understand the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution that is fast to deploy and easy to maintain
  • Find out how to build your own personalised business case to support Ministerial process transformation