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Almira Rapisarda
Img resource thumb blog extending governance balance openess privacy

Extending governance, challenging openness and balancing privacy

Accelerating progress, driving information governance with Office 365 and exploring open governance in the public sector.

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Img resource thumb customer south australia courts administration authority

Transforming the operations of the Youth Court with transparent decision making & real-time co-ordination of services

How Courts Administration Authority in SA leveraged Objective ECM to improve correspondence management.

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Womens Day

Shining a spotlight on flexible working this International Women's Day

Listening to the call-to-action for women to exist in an environment that's one of equality, fairness and inclusivity.

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Dept Planning Lands Heritage

Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage WA: Establishing an Information Agency

Utilising digital imagery to preserve Crown Land documents into digital files.

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Panel session

Digital challenges equal opportunities for Local Government: Expert Panel Session

Local government experts share insights on the digital transformation challenges.

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Img banner blog underpinning digital transformation

Underpinning Digital Transformation with Governance: Expert Panel Session

Achieving better business through adopting great governance.

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