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Img resource thumb blog privacy digital economy

Privacy and the digital economy

NZ Commissioner John Edwards on the role of privacy and governance in driving the digital economy

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Img resource thumb blog aligning crisis response with information strategy

Aligning crisis response with information strategy

Today, your team needs reliable information at their fingertips but the way we work has changed forever. CIOs must take a long-term view.

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Img resource thumb blog rights records resources agencies squeezed by foi

Rights, records and resources

WA Commissioner Catherine Fletcher on the right of access to information and the role of recordkeeping to manage the increasing workload.

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Img resource thumb blog working smarter balancing privacy

Working Smarter: balancing privacy with the right to know

QLD Commissioner Phil Green on walking the tightrope of trust and transparency in the digital age, with good governance.

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Value of information

Increasing efficiency through the value of information

Businesses at every level are looking for ways to increase efficiency with minimal impact to their bottom line.

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Beyond the glass

Digitising government services goes beyond the glass

Ensuring there is a clear and comprehensive process management structure that kicks off a digitised business process is critical.

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