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Approval management software for regulators

Navigate the complexities of approval management with Objective RegWorks' approval management software.

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Streamline Your approval processes with Objective RegWorks

Managing approvals efficiently is crucial for regulatory bodies overseeing industry-specific licenses and other regulatory approvals.

Objective RegWorks offers a powerful tool to simplify and enhance this process, providing real-time insights and a holistic view of every entity involved. Our software ensures that each step of the approval process is meticulously tracked, logged, and managed, facilitating informed decision-making and compliance assurance.

Optimise your approval workflow

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Optimise your approval workflow

Enable self service

Reduce the burden on the public and industry by providing secure online portals where applicants can submit and track their applications. Applicants can log in 24x7 and complete submissions or respond with further information. This streamlines the application process and reduces your administrative overhead from responding to enquiries.

Centralised approval tracking

Maintain all approval-related information in a single, easily accessible location. Our system allows you to capture online applications, review, request further information and make a decision. Every interaction, document, and status update is recorded, giving you a comprehensive history of each approval request.

Automated processes

Reduce manual tasks by automating routine approval processes. Our system handles task assignments, sends reminders for pending actions, and updates statuses based on predefined criteria. Automation minimises human error, speeds up the approval process, and ensures that all necessary steps are completed efficiently.

Respond within statutory timeframes

Real-time dashboards offer a clear overview of key performance indicators and allow for detailed analysis when needed. Team leaders can allocate work to their team and monitor progress towards the due dates.

Collaborative and customisable

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Collaborative and customisable

Collaborative Platform

Enhance team productivity using our integrated platform for easy collaboration across various departments. Share insights, assign tasks, and maintain a cohesive approach to managing approvals. Our system offers role-specific access, ensuring every team member can access the necessary information while preserving data security.

Compatible with existing systems

Objective RegWorks’ approval management software integrates easily with your existing IT and corporate infrastructure. Continue using your current systems while benefiting from the enhanced capabilities of our solution. Integration with other systems, databases, and communication tools is straightforward, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your existing operations.

Customisable workflows

Tailor workflows to fit the unique needs of your regulatory agency. Define fields captured, business rules, approval stages, set approval processes, and customise notification triggers to support your existing procedures while enhancing efficiency.

Better decision-making

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Better decision-making

Data-driven insights

Leverage powerful data-driven insights to enhance decision-making processes. By analysing data, regulatory agencies can identify trends, assess risk, and prioritise resources more effectively. This proactive approach ensures potential issues are addressed before they escalate, improving overall regulatory outcomes.

360-degree view

Gain a complete view of each entity that you’re regulating. Access a complete history for each entity, including previous approvals, compliance records, and any past issues. This information is crucial for making well-informed approval decisions and ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.

Predictive analytics

Utilise predictive analytics to forecast potential problem areas and allocate resources accordingly. Our system uses advanced algorithms to identify high-risk cases. This allows you to take a proactive stance in managing approvals.

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Objective Regworks H white

Approval management software for regulators

Navigate the complexities of approval management with Objective RegWorks' approval management software.

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